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Nece Hopson Memorial Foundation, Inc.

"To make a difference in the lives of others"

A 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization

The Nece Hopson Memorial Foundation, Inc.


I. Annual Scholarship Awards

Purpose: To provide financial assistance in the form of annual scholarships to high school seniors to further their education at an accredited university or college of higher learning. Scholarships are made available each year for students of each of the public high schools of Houston County and three specific universities

II. Annual Golf Tournament

Purpose: To obtain financial support to fund the Foundation's annual scholarships and other programs.

III. Youth Education and Mentor Program (Acorn to Oak Program)

Overall Purpose: To implement an overall program designed to increase the educational level and self-esteem of at-risk youth in the Houston County area. The program is designed to develop productive and self-supporting future citizens.

Program designed to provide the necessary skills, resources, seminars and appropriate training to improve the educational and social levels of at-risk students. The program will focus on increasing the reading, math and science levels of the youth group as well as provide exposure to various arts, recreational and cultural activities. The goal is to guide the students from where they are (upon entering the program) until they reach their future goal in life. The program will utilize the following strategies to accomplish the overall purpose: Teach them to dream; Equip them to make their dreams a reality; Educate them; Expose them; Encourage them; Develop them; Challenge them; Reward them; Motivate them; Prepare them; Mother them and finally Release them.

(a) Youth Enrichment Camp and/or Enrichment Trip

A one week summer camp designed to expose the youth to various forms of the Arts and to increase their educational levels in the areas of math, science, reading or computer usage.

(b)Youth Career Development Workshops

This program is designed to provide students with information and resources needed to help prepare them for increasing their educational levels and/or future careers.

IV. Distribution of School Supplies

Purpose: To provide appropriate school supplies to area students that may not have the necessary finances to obtain such items. A hot dog luncheon is also provided during this event.

V. Senior Citizen Support and Information Services

Purpose: To provide educational information and other support to the elderly, as needed. Provide seniors with information about resources that are available to them and sponsor various educational and informational seminars. Provide assistance in other areas, as needed, when funds are available.

VI. Winter Warmth Program

Purpose: Provide some of the basic winter clothing for various youth to ensure that he or she is warm during the winter months. Coats, socks, hats and gloves are provided annually to various youth within the local area who are in need of the winter clothing.

VII. Softball/ Youth in Sports Program

Purpose: To support youth participation in sports. Provide annual support for participation in softball and/or other team sports.

VIII/ IX. Thanksgiving and Christmas Community Outreach Programs

Purpose: To provide assistance to needy families during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Assistance is provided in the form of food during Thanksgiving and gifts or food for children/families during Christmas.

X. Birthday Memorial Encouraging Gifts

Purpose: To provide annual gifts of encouragement to youth or senior citizens within the local community during the month of Nece’s birthday. The gift baskets of encouragement are provided to individuals who may be experiencing some type of major illness or individuals who are experiencing some other type of difficult time in their lives.

XI/XII. Food and Clothing Bank Support

Purpose: To support the need of the family by making available some of the food and/or clothing needed on regular basis.

XIII. Media Center

Purpose: To establish and make available a media center for the youth and/or other individuals within the local community.

XIV. Capital Building Campaign

Purpose: To secure funding to acquire a permanent facility in which implementation of all programs can be accomplished.

XV/XVI. Other